Delicious Cuisine


Sonora can surprise anyone. On top of it greatest retreats, this region stands as one of the best culinary experiences when comes to dining.
A wide and diverse list of fine restaurants and diners are awaiting for your next vacation in Sonora, as well as many of the internationally acclaimed famous Taco Stands.
But the list goes on... enjoy some of many Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French or African or South American venues that will delight your stay. Come and eat with a fine wine or simply treat yourself with the best seafood ever.

Sonora produces some of the best beef in the world. So don´t hesitate in asking for a exquisite cut or a grilled platter... but if you are up to new adventures try the traditionally known machaca or chorizo beef.  And don´t miss the desert, there´s always some room for a coyota or any of the many traditional candies like the capirotada, coricos or sweet tamales.

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